Spring in the Sea

Spring has definitely sprung in the Sea of Cortez. For the last week or so, the daytime highs have been around 30 degrees Celsius, with cloudless, sunny skies.

The Desert

We are swimming pretty regularly now, and Steven has even decided that it might be warm enough to forgo the wetsuit (I've been of that opinion for awhile already). We are seeing lots of beautiful fish when we are snorkeling. There are blue and yellow striped fish, bright blue fish with orange tails, as well as smaller purple fish, puffer fish and others. It's great.

Spring does have some disadvantages - at most of our recent anchorages, the local bee community comes out to visit, often staying for quite a while. We've taken to lighting up mosquito coils and putting out a decoy glass of vinegar to let them know they've overstayed their welcome.

We are heading slowly back to La Paz, then we'll be crossing over to Mazatlán. So, it's all just warmer from here on in. At the moment, that seems fine.

One thought on “Spring in the Sea

  1. dad ensslen says:


    flowers in the desert yet?

    sharks? electric eels? sea urchins?

    what kind of bees? and why would they visit?

    bon voyage!

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