One thought on “Where We've Been

  1. Dave Elliott says:

    Hello Steven and Darusha!! For whatever reason my gmail must have screened your updates.

    I was thinking of you as our summer season came to a close here in Alaska. I have a kiwi brother in law and we stay aware of weather and seasons.

    So after doing search on FB then I returned my mail and re-found you!!

    Love your posts and continually live thru your adventures!! As I posted on FB I also eat up your budgetary info and immediately apply to myself and my future life!!!

    Here in Alaska we are on the front line of climate change. We have had one strange year of weather and have enjoyed every minute of it!! Looking forward to a long a fruitful winter of LOTS OF SNOW!!!

    Hope this finds the two of you doing SUPER FINE!!

    Capn Dave and Admiral Cece
    S/V Gypsy Vixen
    Anchorage Alaska

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