Agua Verde Rendezvous

We pulled into beautiful Bahia Agua Verde on Tuesday afternoon. The bay is large, with several anchoring locations, and it deserves its reputation as a destination anchorage. The water really is a lovely shade of green, and so clear that you can see the brightly coloured fish swimming over your anchor. The snorkeling is amazing and the displays by the marine wildlife is incredible.

Our visit to Agua Verde soon became more like a BCA rendezvous than a typical Mexican anchorage. As we were dropping the hook, I heard over the VHF "Sailing vessel Scream, Sailing vessel Scream, this is Demelza." We sailed with Dave on Demelza for several legs from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, where were lost track of each other. We had been wondering were he'd been, and apparently the feeling was mutual. When I answered his call, it turned out that he'd been calling us on spec for the last several
days. Happily he and his wife Elizabeth were on their way to Agua Verde as well, so we were able to catch up in person over cocktails and snacks that evening.

The four of us went for a massive snorkeling trip the next day to nearby Roca Solitario. The abundance of fish, urchins, starfish and marine plant life was fabulous. We swam for hours without wetsuits until we got chilly and discovered sunburns on our backs. After we were back on board and showering off, we saw another familiar boat enter the anchorage. It was our friends Mac and Catherine on Indigo, who we first met in Comox last summer. We had last seen them in La Paz and a few other anchorages
over a month ago. Needless to say, we had Demelza and Indigo over for ice cream that night, which was augmented by Elizabeth's blueberry cake and a generous helping of Oreos from Indigo's stores.

Demelza left the next day on their way north toward San Carlos. We dinghy sailed in the afternoon in the light winds, and as we were slowly making our way back to Scream, saw a sailboat with a Bluewater burgee pull in. After closer examination, we saw that it was Linda and Steve of Warren Peace, who we had last seen at the August Rendezvous at Montague Harbour just before we left. We popped by for a brief chat, and learned that they had just come from Mazatlan. We picked up several tips about harbours
and anchorages on the Mexican mainland and filled each other in on news of other friends.

That evening we were treated to a wonderful Mexican dinner on Indigo, complete with ice cold homemade gazpacho. When we left the bay this morning, we had that same bittersweet feeling we had leaving the August rendezvous. It had been a fun, social occasion, but it's sad to leave behind so many good friends as we head in different directions. We wish them all fair winds, and hope to catch up again at some beautiful little cove in the future.

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  1. dad says:

    what a lovely update


    bon voyage!

    -31 in forecast. tons of snow already. 3rd or 4th spell of totally unseasonably cold weather for this winter.

  2. Karen says:

    sounds fantastic! I want to come over to your boat for ice cream!

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