January 2009

Puerto Escondito

Puerto Enscondito is the best natural harbour that we've seen on our voyage so far. Other than a 200 foot wide entrance the habour is surrounded by land, most of it over 100m in height. There is room for several hundred boats in depths less than 50 feet with a sand bottom. There are some […]

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Jumping Rays

Great footage of jumping rays in Caleta Partida, Mexico.

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Back in La Paz

After twelve days trying to get north, we're back in La Paz to re-provision. We know a number of other boats who are also failing to go north, including Kalagan and Warana from the 2008 BCA Island Fleet. The winds and seas in the Sea of Cortez aren't anything like what we are accustomed to. […]

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Isla San Francisco

We've been waiting out a gale at Isla San Francisco for the last three days and we'll probably be here another two. Isla San Francisco is a beautiful desert island with a large, crescent-shaped bay on the south side. We're anchored with ten other sailboats, including Om Shanti who wrote the local guide. There are […]

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La Paz

La Paz, Mexico, is a city of over 100,000 people. La Paz is on the eastern, sheltered side of the Baha peninsula. It is also nearby a large number of good anchorages. La Paz is the place for supplies and maintenance in the first good cruising region south of Puget Sound. We wandered a good […]

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