Bahía Concepción

Scream arrived in Bahía Concepción a week ago. We've just been hanging out since then, mostly with Kalagan and Blue Moon. We have been rowing and dinghy sailing, but we haven't been swimming since Juanico a couple weeks ago.

Steven & Pelicans

Steven & Pelicans

Steven wanted to come here to see the baby whales. Despite reports, we have seen no whales within 100 km of here. There doesn't seem to be much wildlife here, probably due to all the people.

Bahía Concepción is enormous. The channel is 2 km wide and the bay opens from there. Depths are generally 15-20 m with 5-10m in the coves, sand bottom. The shelter is great, especially off Posada Concepción. We spent several days in El Burro cove and we're in Playa Coyote now, where the shelter is better than the guide implies.

El Burro Cove

El Burro Cove

There are homes lining the shore, with a restaurant in every other cove. The residents here are almost exclusively English-speaking ex-pats. They use VHF16 as a hailing channel, even though they are mostly shore stations.

Playa Coyote

Playa Coyote

We met Geary who does the forecasts for México's Pacific coast. The weather, incidentally, continues to be moderate afternoon northerlies and calm overnight.

3 thoughts on “Bahía Concepción

  1. dad ensslen says:

    Sure good to hear from you and to see new pictures. Flickr is dead slow tonight, saturday night. Edmonton narrow band.

    Looked like a red eyed grebe. Quite interesting pelicans!

    The Ukrainian Cdn captain of one of our submarines had "The Birds of Canada" tome in his little yet exclusive wardroom. You could use a birds of the world thing if it exists.

    VHF16 is what frequency? Marine band, not to be used on shore?

    Very very best wishes,


  2. dad ensslen says:

    great pictures, tropical colors already on the pelicans

    thanks for updates

    the desert will start blooming soon

    here -16 wind and snow

  3. kim1987 says:

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