July 2011


We started using OpenCPN as our navigation software shortly after arriving in New Zealand last year. Since then we have covered over 2000 miles in both offshore and coastal sailing using OpenCPN with both vector and raster charts. Prior to using OpenCPN we mostly used SeaClear, but we have also used Seamap and have seen […]

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Joe and Julie, the proprietors of Palmlea farms, are among the nicest and most helpful people we have met on our travels. Palmlea is a tiny resort, with a restaurant, swimming pool, and dinghy dock. They are very welcoming to visiting boats. The anchorage is an enormous roadstead, with depths of 2 to 10 meters […]

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Searching for Vegetables - Visiting Visoqo

Things were getting desperate. It had been a few weeks since we'd seen a vegetable market and even then it had been poorly stocked. We were down to an onion, a potato, some dried out chillies and a couple of sad tomatoes. We needed vegetables. Armed with a set of GPS waypoints and a 20-year […]

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