Remembering Steve Southwood


Photo from Steve's Google+

I first met Steve on the radio. His was the voice attached to Dignity; always first to answer, always keen to help, always up for a chat. When we finally met in person, and I could put a human name to him, I think we talked about batteries. Then he invited us to go snorkelling with stingrays.

It seems fitting that one of the highlights of our cruising adventure happened on our first of many outings with Steve. Dignity would be a regular companion to Scream on the South Pacific leg of our trip, and Steve and Helen became great friends to us both. They saved our bacon on a few occasions, but more than that, we shared uncountable meals, drinks and great conversations.

Steve was one of those people with a seemingly unbounded spirit. His generosity with his time, expertise and sense of adventure was inspirational. Those who were lucky enough to have met him found our lives greatly enriched by his presence; his genuine exuberance was infectious.

He was smart. He was knowledgable. More than all that, he was buckets of fun.

Fair winds, Steve.

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  1. dad ensslen says:

    may i ask what happened?


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