Santa Rosalia

Santa Rosalia is a small town with an harbour exclosed by an excellent breakwater. Santa Rosalia was founded by a French mining company in 1884, which gives it some unusual features like a good french bakery.

Santa Rosalía-2

The harbour has two marinas and room for about a half dozen boats to anchor in 15 feet, mud. It's a working harbour, a bit messy and a little busy, but the shelter is first class. There is even a green and a red at the entrance.

Marina Santa Rosalia is a very interesting club. It is owned by some locals but the "office" is staffed by whoever happens to be on the dock. On arrival we got a key and were shown how to lockup, and we're at anchor as the dock is full. From late morning to early afternoon the cruisers sit around drinking beer from the fridge. Payment is by the honor-system. And they have a wall of books to trade. And free- wifi. The building is in desperate shape, but it is safe and the cruiser community is wonderful.

Town is more Mexican than most of Mexico seems to be. The people mostly don't speak English and the economy doesn't involve tourism. There are two good restaurants, several hardware stores, a dozen convience/beer stores and a variety of groceries: a fruiteria (fruits and vegetables), a couple carnarias (meat), the aformentioned panadaria (bakery), and ISSTE (government-subsidized non-perishables).

We really like it here. Santa Rosalia is a good place to sit and drink beer.

7 thoughts on “Santa Rosalia

  1. Brother bear says:

    Sounds like paradise:)

  2. dad ensslen says:

    you never mention exercise facilities, have you noticed? beer is good for the cardiovascular system, true, but the Lancet does not care for other aspects of moderate beer.

    nor do you write much about the southern 'skies'.

    temperatures, humidities? flora, fauna, geology.
    have you spotted the mountain some giant telescope groups are eyeing for a possible site for their next supersized enormous mind boggling telescope?

    i guess i have to get my klepper aerius foldboat out, get a sail and outrigger and sail down there myself, or just keep it sleek and just paddle

    bon voyage

    thanks, i do enjoy your write ups

  3. Sonya and Conrad says:

    Dear Uncle Fun - Conrad loves to see the movies and pictures of you and especially of the animals. The jumping rays were extraordinary. Is that normal behavior? Please see more animals, requests Conrad.
    Sonya and Conrad

  4. dad ensslen says:

    OK, how about a shot of Canopus

    its the biggest meanest brightest star in your sky


    putting you guys to work

  5. arvi says:

    Hey Darusha, magnolia buds starting to appear under sunshined Vancouver skies. Thinking of you (and Steven) as you cruise the Sea of Cortez and wishing you a muy FELIZ COMPEANOS on this dias de amistad. Love your blogs, The jumping rays were fabulous.
    I continue to travel viacarously with you both. All the best. arvi.

  6. Karen says:

    I agree with Andrijko - seems like paradise. I think I would find it hard to leave. Glad to hear you guys have found a happy harbour for a while.
    Love you,

    PS- I agree with Conrad - jumping rays are awesome!

  7. Steven says:

    We'd love to have more wildlife video, we just aren't very good at it yet. We're still trying.

    @Dad: Astronomy photography requires special equipment. The photos that I take of the night sky end up with nothing but black.

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