Caleta San Juanico

We left Puerto Ballandra at dawn on the first day that was supposed to be calm. We had no wind for several hours, but the remains of a decent sea made for a bouncy motor north. The wind picked up around 11 am and flattened the seas, an we anchored in a good 20 kt blow between a pair of pinnacle rocks.

At Anchor in San Juanico

San Juanico is very picturesque, and some homeowner and campers agree. There's no infrastructure except a road to the highway, but even though we were the only boat for a few hours there were still lots of people. Other boats pulled in later that afternoon.

The nights and mornings were calm, so we slept well and went snorkeling and beach combing. We even got Gone Fission sailing one day in the very light morning breezes.

San Juanico

There were lots of pelicans and other birds (we think might be boobies), as well as enormous schools of small fish in the shallows. We spent a pleasant few days at anchor, then set off for an overnighter to Santa Rosalía, which we think will be our northernmost stop in the Sea of Cortez.

2 thoughts on “Caleta San Juanico

  1. Capn Dave says:

    Your weather patterns are curious. The winds sound like Alaska. Either blowing frantic or non - existent. Wondering what sort of water temperature you have . We have similar picturesque bays but the water temp holds at a warm 47 degrees most times in the summer !!

    Enjoying your postings immensely. Please keep them up!!!
    Warm Hello from Alaska...

    Dave and Cece

  2. dad ensslen says:

    yes, a few air and sea temperature and humidity and wind numbers would be welcome, including wind directions.

    you have good maps of sea currents?

    very many thanks

    you need a bird and fish book?

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