San Diego

After Dana Point, we stopped at Oceanside for a night, then anchored in Mission Bay the following night. Mission Bay was lovely - a free, protected anchorage just north of San Diego Bay. We would have happily stayed there a few days, but we were meeting Bob and Gay (the previous owners of Scream) in San Diego, so we moved on after a lovely evening on the hook.

We spent a fabulous day with Bob and Gay, as they showed us around San Diego in their sporty black Mustang convertible. We went to an art museum and a science museum, walked around Balboa Park, ate some good food and had a wonderful visit.

The next few days were spent getting various boat supplies, which involved a lot of walking. San Diego is definitely a car city, and even though it has good public transportation, it's a half hour walk from the Police Docks where we are moored to the nearest bus stop. Still, we've gotten a lot done here, and are feeling reasonably well prepared.

We cleared out of the US on Wednesday, taking a bus and a trolley to downtown where we filled out some paperwork with the very nice and helpful customs officers. There are a few days grace once the paperwork is filed, so we were able to spend American Thanksgiving (Thursday) with my friend Steve Holden and his delightful family. It was a wonderful way to end our stay in the US.

We are now getting the last few things done here, and will be heading to Ensenada within the next few days.

Adiós USA, hola México!

One thought on “San Diego

  1. dad ensslen says:

    i had no idea one had to check out of a country, strange notion.

    when we cross the american border by car, in either direction, we only check in, never out

    very best wishes



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