Dana Point

Dana Point Harbor

After leaving Catalina Island, we motored in glassy seas to Dana Point, a wealthy settlement on the mainland. We had an appointment with Outbound Yacht Services to get a Spectra Ventura 150 MPC (more about that in another post) installed, so we were headed to the docks at Dana Point to get that done.

Our dealings with Outbound were among the best we've ever had in the marine industry. They were able to give us information about the product we wanted over email, they ordered it for us and were able to schedule a time that was convenient for us to get the work done. It even took as long as they though it would, and the installation, while a little hair-raising to watch is beautiful.

Dana Point itself is a very pretty community, that suffers from that very odd fear of who knows what - there was a large "gated community" between the marina and the grocery store we were trying to walk to, which was inconvenient for us but very odd to see. The area in which this community is located shows no sign of being anything other than a quiet, law abiding neighbourhood. It was odd.

We did a major provisioning trip at the nearby Ralph's grocery store, and took a cab back to the marina. Obvious, everyone in Dana Point has their own car, as the cab took a long time to reach us and the driver, while very nice, seemed to have no idea where anything was. Luckily, we found our way back to Scream without incident.

Also in Dana Point we got to spend some time with my friend Victor Cajiao. Victor and I met a few years ago, and at that time joked about how we'd have to get together when I finally got my "boat plan" going and we were down in his neighbourhood. It was a thrill to make that idea come true.



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  1. dad ensslen says:

    and now soon for the big wilder world and less communication

    best of luck

    i am sure you guys are too busy for Robert Fanjas, and also for home brewing and mailing me a Nintendo DS lite with Eigenmath in exchange for funds

    feel free to call collect



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