Scream arrived in Ensenada early Saturday morning. We got our departure papers done in downtown San Diego on Wednesday, but had them dated for Friday which allowed us to leave as late as Sunday. We didn't get all of our supplies on Wednesday, so we waited over the Thanksgiving holiday. On Friday we were told our supplies would "probably" arrive Tuesday, and decided to wait no longer.

Before leaving San Diego we bought 100 gallons of diesel at $3.18/gallon after a volume and cash discount.

We traveled overnight to Ensenada as the days are short and we always want to arrive in daylight. We got out of San Diego harbour at dusk and sailed for a few hours. Unfortunately the winds were never strong and when they dropped to five knots apparent we started to motor. We didn't have far to go, so we ran the motor at low rpms overnight. The swell was less than a meter but it was confused so the boat's motion was annoying.

Ensenada is a city with a large tourist industry. There is an entire "main street" two blocks from the harbour where the businesses are exclusively for the tourists. The real main commercial street is another four blocks inland. There the prices are much lower but everything is strange and few people speak English. But even in the tourist areas everything is cheap (beer is $2-3 in the fancier bars.

Darusha and I have managed to stumble around speaking very little Spanish. Truthfully, the only transactions that we can complete in Spanish are the very simplest ones that we could do without speaking at all. Stil, we had feared worse so we are pleased.

We docked at Baha Naval (VHF 77, they speak fluent english). The people here are great and the on shore facilities are first class (including free calls to Canada, great WiFi, free showers, and free help with our papers for customs) so I am a little reluctant to give them a mixed review. Unfortunately there is "surge" at the dock which makes the boats dance around in even the calmest winds. The first night we were here we sawed through our spring lines, so if you do come you need good chafe guards. The cost is US$30/night, including power and water. Baja Naval also has a boatyard. It is the cleanest and most organized yard I have ever seen (more so than Philbrooks or Canoe Cove, for example).

We're leaving today for the wild Baha coast. It may be a few weeks before we get good internet, so check our "tracking" link for updates.

4 thoughts on “Ensenada

  1. dad ensslen says:

    thanks, your updates much appreciated.
    still totally baffled by departure notices you had to give in san diego. i guess this would be a good time to learn a lot of spanish and start brushing up on french and or get one of those amazing little Franklin translators.

    skies? as in stars and planets and moon and such.
    flora? fauna?

    'boat's motion annoying', an interesting concept.


    bon voyage


  2. Ellen and Ian says:

    Hi Darusha and Steven,
    Look forward to reading each of your posts as you travel down the coast. Not only entertaining, but useful info for us for future use. We live vicariously through you and Dolphin Tales until we too can set sail and head south. Happy travels and enjoy every moment.
    Ellen and Ian
    SV Kasasa
    PS Say hi to Lynn and Debbie from us please.

  3. Hi Darusha and Steven
    Glad that you have made it as far as Ensenada, just to lt you know other Bluewater Cruising Boats are in La Paz. We arrived here a few days ago. You might remember meeting Mike and I (Jacquie) at the Monteque Rendevous. The other boats that we are traveling with are Len and Joan from Warana, Barb and John from Naida. Rio Nimpkishs (Shirley and Tom) are in Mag Bay. I have been running a cruising net for boats traveling in Mexico on SSB frequency 5680 USB, Simplex mode at 1700 UTC or 10:00 am MT time. If you have an SSB or Ham radio you could join us when I call for new checkins. Once again glad to see that you are in Mexico. The fuel at Turtle Bay is $2.50/gal and is delivered by panga. They meter and also filter so it is pretty clean. Turtle Bay village is small but you will be able to find several mini markets that you can get fresh veggies and fruit. Cabo is interesting for a couple of days, we anchored and had a great view of the beach and resorts. The night life is something to see. You have to remember that you have once again reached civilization.
    Jacquie & Mike
    Angelique of Vancouver

  4. SV Tula says:

    Hi D and S,
    I have been enjoying your web reports so much that you have prompted me to set up Tula's own web-site. It is only in the beginning stages but will grow. Michelle and I are going to Tumbo Island this weekend. Boring compared with your adventures. Keep safe.
    Captain Pedro

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