Port Denarau Restaurant Reviews

We've been in Denarau three times to re-provision, and we've taken that opportunity to eat out. Here are our reviews of the places where we have eaten.

The curry wrap / roti from the hut on the far side (east) of the parking lot is inexpensive and tasty. It is a large snack or light meal for F$1.50.

Kebab King makes a tasty falafel for F$10. They're hidden just behind (north of) Mama's Pizza.

Mama's Pizza is the best value for eat-in restaurant. Their medium pizza is a large meal for two people and costs only $F20-25. Their caesar salad is also quite good.

Several people warned us not to eat at Lulu, but we did consume a number of their F$3 beers, which are the cheapest in the marina.

Cardo's is a nice formal restaurant. We were quite happy with what we ate there. Their meals are F$20-40.

Amalfi makes great pasta. They're about as expensive as Cardo's and a little less formal.

Bonefish is a really good seafood restaurant and is priced to match. Simple fish for F$25, more elaborate meals to F$45.

The hard rock cafe is the most expensive restaurant in the marina. From what we saw of their menu and the food coming out to other tables we decided to spend our money elsewhere. F$30-50

We did not eat at Indigo or Naduri.

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  1. Dad ensslen says:

    OK who had the best veggie dishes??

    bon voyage

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