Robinson Crusoe, Fiji

Scream spent two great weeks anchored off Robinson Crusoe Resort in Fiji. This resort is run by a former cruiser and is cruiser friendly. They serve set-menu, buffet style meals at 1pm and 7pm daily. There is no menu, you eat what they cook. Lunch is F$10 and dinner F$15. On Wednesday and Saturday evenings and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at Lunch there is an excellent fire-dancing show.

Fire dance tricks

Everyday there is a free snorkelling trip at 10am. There is other free entertainment on the days with fire dances. And they have a wonderful beach. There is also an inexpensive dive shop.

The resort will provision for cruisers and arrange transport to Nadi. Cruisers also get a 10% discount on food and drinks by paying in cash. There is a F$1 fee per boat per year to use the facilities.

Robinson Crusoe is located in Likuri Harbour. The reef pass is at 18˚03.5 S by 177˚15.97˚ E. You can download our waypoints. The pass is over 100m wide and is easy to identify. Both sides dry on most tides and both sides break in even light swell. There are poles on either side, though the one on the south side is damaged and hard to identify. The anchorage is north of the island in 2m to 5m, sand bottom. The anchorage is free from swell and is sheltered from all directions. Likuri harbour is an estuary, with up to a couple knots of current in the anchorage. It is by far the nicest estuary we have ever visited with clean water and good visibility.

Robinson Crusoe

There are two downsides to Robinson Crusoe. The first is that getting there from Lautoka involves travelling 8 miles south-east outside of the reef, which is ordinarily going to windward against wind wave. Boats travelling from Suva to Lautoka won't have this problem. The other is that the cell service is GPRS so cellular internet is painfully slow.

They don't appear to read their email, so call them if you want to communicate.

We enjoyed our time at Robinson Crusoe and recommend it.

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  1. Dad ensslen says:

    We'll drop by on tuesday then, and we will bring some GPR devices


    see you soon

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    Seems like a wonderful place to spend your birthday!
    Love you!

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