Scream spent two nights at the beautiful island of Navadra. The anchorage here is the northernmost anchorage in the Mamanuca group, and is closer to Waya in the Yasawas than to most of the Mamanucas. The island is uninhabited. The sand beaches are beautiful.

Navadra Reef

The water at Navadra is shockingly clear. Visibility is over 20m. There is lots of healthy and colourful coral, with soft corals that we have never seen elsewhere. Reef fish populations are healthy as well. Easily the best snorkelling we've done since Rainbow Reef over 100 days ago.

The anchorage is located at 17˚27.54 S by 177˚02.68˚ E in 18m, sand bottom. Make your approach from 17˚27.1 S by 177˚02.8˚ E to avoid the rock in the middle of the bay. You can download our waypoints. Incidentally, the reef Calder mentions in the mouth of the bay is much smaller than he depicts. Our friends had engine trouble getting in and made twelve tacks inside of the bay without seeing less than 5m. The hazard is on and near the middle of a line drawn between the two points.   


Unfortunately the anchorage has constant, light swell. We did not find it comfortable. Without the swell we might have stayed much longer.

Navadra is out of the lee of Viti Levu. Moderate south easterlies are the norm here unlike the light variable winds in the southern Mamanucas.

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