Musket Cove

Scream spent four nights at Musket Cove. The marina in musket cove is easily the nicest facility in Fiji. The water is crystal clear and filled with fish. The shore is lined with great sand beaches with palm trees behind. This is where they take those postcard pictures.

Musket Cove

(This is a great picture of the marina entrance, but it doesn't show the beaches well.)

The shore facilities in Musket Cove are great. There are several fancy pools and restaurants. There is a cruiser bar with wood fired BBQ's that you can use to cook whatever you bring. There is a grocery with a limited supply of boat parts. You can also rent the resort's hoby cats, kayaks, and windsurfers for about F$15 per hour.

Musket Cove has 25 moorings and docks for Tahitian moor. There is room to anchor nearby as well, reputably for 100 boats, though I am skeptical. The anchorage is entirely free from swell.

Musket Cove is in the lee of Viti Levu. The easterlies rarely blow here. Moderate south to south west winds blow in the afternoon while it is typically calm overnight.

The approach to Musket Cove is a bit hard to describe as you weave through the reefs. The channel is well marked and the reefs dry at low water so the route is easy. As usual, you can download our waypoints.

The downside to Musket cove would be the limited ability to provision. The grocery is neither large nor cheap.

If you are the kind of boater who likes marinas, like most are, then Musket Cove is a must. We should have stayed longer. Musket Cove is the highlight of western Fiji.  

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  1. Dad ensslen says:

    I take it the temperatures and humidities and winds are always boringly similar, as they don't get much mention, unlike here.

    best wishes

  2. Karen says:

    Next time, do stay longer! Glad you guys are having a good time,

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