Family Visits

One of the great things about visiting New Zealand was that I got to spend time with my extended family. Every member of my family, aside form my mom, lives in the Antipodes. With the exception of my uncles and two cousins who live in Australia, they all live in the Auckland area. So I was very lucky to be ble to spend some time with them all.

Family BBQ

I got to have a family Christmas with my Auntie Fay and her four kids, their partners and their own kids. Crazy! They also organized a going away barbeque for us, where my other cousin Bruce was also able to come. We had a great time and it was wonderful meeting everyone as an adult.

Kitchen Festivities

One thought on “Family Visits

  1. dad ensslen says:

    am very happy for you to have such treasured moments.

    am also very happy to hear from you guys again.

    you are implying you have immediate travel plans; am looking forward to those.

    bon voyage, very best wishes.

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