Lubricating your seals

We've had a leaky faucet on Scream for about a year now. A leaky faucet is a big deal when your fresh water supply is disappearing and you are a thousand miles from land. So you'll understand that we've tried everything to fix it. We've had it apart so regularly that we've broken bits that don't do anything except hold it while it is partially disassembled. We have been shopping for new faucets, which are not cheap, while figuring out how we take a circular saw to the underside of the kitchen counter.

Ferns and Scream

We took the whole thing in to the experts at Arnold Frank's here in Whangarei. While they confirmed that we could not get replacement parts for our exotic and antique faucet, they asked if we had lubricated the o-rings. What do you mean, we asked. So we returned to the boat, put a little food-safe grease on the o-rings, and our leak is gone. The faucet now works better than it did when we bought the boat.

5 thoughts on “Lubricating your seals

  1. Nobilis Reed says:

    I was thinking of harp seals or elephant seals...

  2. Darusha says:

    I don't think PETA would approve of that behaviour.

  3. dad ensslen says:

    our hot water tank bottom drain has a slow leak.


    best wishes

    you following all the continuous big earth quake activity off honshu, but that does not affect you on the water even if you were there i suppose, or not.

  4. Kyra says:

    I laughed, I have to admit... It's just so familiar - sometimes the solution is so simple... (too bad it's mostly never like that on a boat!)

  5. dad ensslen says:

    the world is eagerly expecting more news from you, its been a while

    bon voyage

    more significant earthquakes in NZ recently.

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