Puerto Ballandra

We spent the last week hanging out in Puerto Ballandra doing boat maintenance. Ballandra is an uninhabited bay on Isla Carmen about 16 miles north east of Puerto Escondito. The bay has room for twenty boats in 20-30 feet, sand bottom. We had gale force winds a couple afternoons, but most of the days there were no other boats so we had 210' of chain out. Obviously we held.

Darusha in Ballandra

Darusha in Ballandra

We met Adios and Salty from the Hidden Port Yacht Club.

One Fish, Two Fish

One Fish, Two Fish

We watched fish around the edges of the bay. We also went for several walks on shore. The desert is fairly lush, and as usual starts only a few feet from the high tide line.

2 thoughts on “Puerto Ballandra

  1. dad ensslen says:

    interesting stuff, gale force winds ?! Feel free to come home.

    at the tiny mc kernan pharmacy store i saw a magazine on cruising with around the world tips. fab sail boat on cover.

    some crazies are doubles row racing the indian ocean, western australia to east of madagascar, maldives? they are supposed to be prepared to die.

    look forward to pictures and steven's call

  2. dad ensslen says:

    boat maintenance?


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