Wildlife Repellant Failure

One of the maddening things about living on a cruising boat is that things break. All the time. Something is always on the blink, needing work or just plain broken. However, sometimes that's not as bad as other times.

The most recent thing to decide to fail on board is the Wildlife Repellant feature of our camera. Here's proof:

White Bird in Mangroves

Fish & Rocks

Three Pelicans


7 thoughts on “Wildlife Repellant Failure

  1. dad ensslen says:

    that sounded scary you guys!!

    the other thing that has failed is the wildlife naming feature of your cameras.

    glad you are well and that a great white nor orca nor whatever nor surfacing sub etc etc etc has gotten to you.

    bon voyage!

  2. dad ensslen says:

    Does your budget allow for a heavy Manfrotto tripod, fancier zoom, or underwater camera?

    Olympus and others make underwater cameras. You want me to send mine to you?

    When you write your books you want the greatest pictures for the publishing time. Needless to say, that sailing around the world book from the 30's has poorish black and white pictures. Your publisher has not given you the latest, biggest, best, heaviest?

    How about Canopus , or comet Lulin in Gemini? Your skies should be beautifully dark. OK you guys are at sea level. Still.

  3. dad ensslen says:

    your hygrometer or mine not working, mine reads 47.5 % indoors.

    WOW, Wow, and Wow, those dolphins!! Don't swim with them, an Edmonton dolphin trainer young lady got played with by her dolphins til death.

    I didn't teach you kayaking well, remember the offset paddle position, or don't yours rotate to an offset. Congrats on your flashy colorful kayaks!! Very beautiful, to blend in with the color and beauty of the tropics!

    bon voyage. keep up the good work!

  4. Steven says:

    The last two pictures are three male brown pelicans in mating season colours and a bottlenose dolphin. The others are mysteries to me.

  5. 😉 If you figure out how that feature broke, send instructions. I'd like to disable on my cameras, too.

  6. Conrad says:

    Dear Uncle Fun and Aunty Daru,
    Thanks for these pictures. I am so glad you camera is working or should I say "broken." I do have a few questions, though, that I keep asking my momma but she can't seem to answer:
    "where's untle (ie. Uncle) Fun?", "where's birdie going?" and "where's more pictures?"
    Please help me. There's only so much a mom knows.

  7. Darusha says:


    Untle Fun is taking the pictures (or, if the question means something else, Untle Fun is in Mazatlán).

    The birdie is going fishing for lunch. Yum, fresh fish!

    More pictures are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/steven_and_darusha/

    I hope this helps answer your questions, and gives your mom a break from having to guess.

    Aunty Daru.

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