The island of Yaqaga, pronounced and sometimes misspelled as Yanqanga, is the most beautiful place where we have been in Fiji. Yaqaga has small but good anchorage near the eastern end of the north shore at 16 34.71S 178 36.81E. We anchored there in 15m, sand bottom. There is excellent shelter from the south, some shelter from the east, and reefs in the other directions. You could also anchor just west of Nubuluni islet, also along the north shore.


Yaqaga is one of the most scenic place we have every been. It is not as stunning as Fatu Hiva, but the anchorage here is far superior and everything is unspoiled. We certainly had a better experience in Yaqaga.

The water is clear and the reef has lots of fish.

Semicircle Angelfish

We used Billabong's waypoints, which are everywhere on sneaker net in Fiji, but which I can't find on their website. We'll post waypoints later.

There comes a time when learning any subject when you discover that you have a different opinion than some expert. Calder didn't find anything to like at Yaqaga. As he has some influence very few boats visit Yaqaga. Your arrival will be the biggest thing that happens on the island that week, or perhaps month. The locals will be excited to see you, and won't know what to do with you. Be prepared to entertain them ashore, and aboard if you so choose. We offered them a few kilos of casava and a bottle of ibuprofen, as we were recovering from our insane experience in Navidamu, but that is another story.

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  1. Dad ensslen says:

    you, your boat, the fish, the island and the ocean look great.

    thanks for the update

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