Turtle Harbour

Turtle (or Dodd) Harbour (48°55'00"N, 125°19'40"W) is a space about a 1000 m long and 400m to 600m wide between Turtle and Dodd islands in the Broken Group. Scream spent two nights at anchor here in 10m depth and a sand bottom.

Reflection of Scream

The prevailing wind outside the harbour were up to 10 knots, and it might have gusted to 5 knots in the harbour a couple of times, but was mostly very light.

Sandspit on Turtle Island

Dodd island has a campground, and, according to the signs, wolves. We didn't see any wolves, but along with the campground came a regular stream of sea kayakers, perhaps as many as a dozen a day. We did however see a young, or miniature, deer on nearby Walsh Island.

Miniature Deer