Island Harbour

Scream spent one night at anchor in Island Harbour(48°55'01"N, 125°16'29"W) in the broken group. We sheltered in a small inlet on the north side of the harbour. We had to set the anchor twice as the first time it did not hold in 10m with a sand bottom.

Gone Fision on Jaques Island with Scream in the background

The location was peaceful and beautiful. We didn't see any signs of humanity until a boat pulled by as we pulled up the anchor the next day.

Concerned about our apparent proximity to the points of Jaques Island we got out our dinghy and took "soundings" with an oar. This demonstrated that there was at least 2m depth until within 2m of land. With the overhanging tree's we'd collide with branches before we drifted into the bottom.

Sunet in island harbour

However, there was only about 10 knots of westerly breeze out in the channel, and very light force 1 winds behind the point where we anchored. So we had no danger of dragging, the rode sinking straight down off the bow.