I invited my racing buddies from Stimulus for an afternoon sail.  We picked this Saturday about a month back, mostly because Darusha would be in Ottawa.  Maurice, Stimulus' foredecker, came with his wife Cori, their three children, and one of their children's friends.  Paul came with his daughter.

The weather was great for sitting around, hot and sunny.  There was a little breeze, but not enough to make the sailing difficult.

Steven in front of the gennaker

We did however, fly Scream's gennaker for the first time. The bright yellow, orange, and red of our drifter will be a welcome addition of colour to our otherwise white sail set.  Neither Darusha nor I had any experience with this type of sail, but Maurice and Paul taught me all that we'll need to know.  We had so much fun flying the gennaker that we approached much closer to Sidney Spit than we had intended, but there were no consequences other than a little added excitement.