Scream spent three wonderful nights in the inner anchorage of the giant Bahia Tenacatita. Tenacatita is a destination, not just a stop along the way. We anchored in 5m less than 50m from shore where we could see land on the horizon in all directions for the first time in a month. There was only light swell.

Tenacatita is known for its excellent snorkeling at "the Aquarium". Unfortunately visibility in the water was less than 3m while we were in Tenacatita so we did not snorkel.

We did take the dinghy into the beach twice. The first day we flipped the dinghy twice in the surf and Darusha lost her favourite, prescription eye glasses. The second day we had learned a bit and managed to enter and exit without incident. We did however row up the mangrove marsh.

Panga in Mangroves

For those following our footsteps, Charlie's chart of Tenacatita is a bit disappointing. The following waypoints should prove helpful. Also the local cruisers disbelieve in "charlie's rock", the one supposedly between center rock and the anchorage.

  • Porpoise Rock (furthest hazard at NW entrance to bay): 19º16.3N 104º54.0W
  • Rock awash south of Piedra Blanca (furthest hazard S entrance): 19º12.5N 104º50.0W
  • Center Rock: 19º17.4N 104º49.9W

    (Notice that Center Rock is just east of Piedra Blanca, not a mile west)

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  1. katherine says:

    boo on the lost glasses I am sure that must have real smarted for days afterwards!!

    sorry to hear that

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