We are delighted to have arrived at Chamela, the first natural anchorage on the Mexican mainland that we have visited that does not have uncomfortable swell (Mazatlan harbour is also nice, but it is man-made).

We anchored in the middle of the north cove in 10m, sand bottom, along with a half dozen other boats. The cove is enormous so we aren't crowded. The entrance has hazards on either side, but the safe channel is over a mile wide so no worries.
We have 20 knots blowing right now, which is comfortable here.

Chamela has sandy beaches and fair numbers of tourists. It also has lots of room and (sometimes) WiFi.

Scream stopped briefly at Ipala. Most of the bay has been taken over by strings of colourful floats whose purpose we did not determine. Add three other boats at anchor and some swell wrapping around the point and we decided not to stay.

4 thoughts on “Chamela

  1. dad ensslen says:

    20 knots sounds fierce

    bon voyage

    very good to hear from you.

    here 6 C, sunny, blue skies, no wind, no swells

    saw my first robin of the springtime this afternoon

    best wishes!

  2. dad ensslen says:

    you are now almost as far as the most southern tip of the USA, the southern point of the Big Island of Hawaii, and of course you are Southeast of Edmonton!!

    good luck!

  3. dad ensslen says:

    thanks for amazing pictures.
    that baby frigate in nest looked very demised.

    that gecko is some kind of non gecko, geckos are green with red spot on head as i recall.

    thanks for sharing these very educational pictures.

    very best wishes

  4. dad ensslen says:

    darusha looked great

    steven a bit off in the distance


    bon voyage

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