Telegraph Harbour

We left Maple Bay, a day late but with new solar panels, lifelines and a wind generator. Not bad.

We brought up the sails in Stuart Channel and tacked up toward Thetis and Kuper Islands. The winds increased steadily until we were in 25-30 knots as we anchored in Telegraph Harbour.

We made for the main anchorage between Thetis Island Marina and Telegraph Harbour Marina, but the depths were a little low for our tastes, and there were many other boats on private moorings to contend with. We headed back to the more exposed but deeper and freer anchorage to the south, and anchored among three other boats.

The winds blew strong all night, but anchored in 20' feet we could afford to let out a bot more scope, and we swung a lot but did not drag. Even so, we both slept fitfully.

In the morning, the winds had eased slightly, so we deployed Gone Fission and in a decent headwind, motored to the nearer of the marinas, Thetis Island Marina, in the hopes of a shower. As water is scarce on the island, both marinas limit showers to overnight moorage guests, so we just went back to Scream. Still wanting a shower, we set to finally fixing our bilge pump.

After manually pumping the bilge, we saw that the only problem was an unattached hose. Unfortunately, the reason the hoe was unattached was because it didn't fit the electric bilge pump. After several hours of trying and searching, we eventually found the correct combination of fittings and brute strength to make the pump work and allow us to shower on board again.

As a reward, we both go to have showers, then we took Gone Fission over to the Telegraph Harbour Marina where we shared an enormous banana split. Yum!



2 thoughts on “Telegraph Harbour

  1. Carol Arnold says:

    Hi there! Missed you at the Fleet potluck on Saturday (we knew you were heading north) - after much busywork, our place was presentable for guests -- and we had great weather - 23 in all and much good food and conversation. We hope to be out in a few weeks, after Kelly solves the water pressure pump mystery, researches batteries, pursues the SSB lack of reception....sound familiar?? Enjoy yourselves, and we'll stay in touch. Carol & Kelly, SV Intrepid II

  2. Steven says:

    Wow, Carol. That sounds eerily familiar. We've never been able to use our Pactor, we spent tons of time researching batteries, and we've recently developed a new water pump problem. I think that the pump is fixed again, but that definitely is the life. I think sometimes about removing the pressure water, but that is too big of a job.

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