Happy Surprises in Maple Bay

From Genoa Bay we made our way to Maple Bay to pick up some parts and meet up with some friends. Things were going nicely after we tied up at the docks in the morning, when Steven shouted, "There's Loch Fyne!"

Chuck and Corliss on Loch Fyne were our next door neighbours all winter at the docks in front of the Empress, and they left to go cruising in April. We hadn't expected to see them again as they were headed north, but a change of plans brought them back down this way. It was like old home week as they tied up next to us and we were neighbours again, if only for one night.

Loch Fyne

They left this morning to continue their journey, and we feel very lucky to have gotten to spend some time with these great people again.

We were also lucky to spend a nice afternoon with the Hollands, who have been a great help to us in getting some work done on the boat. They say that the best part of cruising is the people you meet, and so far that seems to be true.



One thought on “Happy Surprises in Maple Bay

  1. Steven says:

    We also had the good luck to see our friends Andy Rohner and Carolyn Daley on the docks. Maple Bay seems to be a centre for our boating friends.

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