South to California

We sailed overnight from Coos Bay, Oregon to Crescent City, California. We left Coos Bay at the morning low water slack, motored more or less until dark, sailed through the darkness, and motored here arriving at high tide.

We had two delightful visits:

  1. Shortly after dark we were sailing along beautifully and were visited by a pod of a half dozen dolphins. We sat on the bow under the stars and watched them play in our wake. There was a little phosphorescence which let us seem them a little. However the moonless night left enough to the imagination.
  2. Sometime during the night we picked up a small owl. We noticed him just after dawn, at which point we were more than 10 miles offshore. He has very tired and frightened but was brave enough to put up with our tacking and clambering around on deck. He left shortly after we anchored.


We haven't seen anything of Crescent City yet, except for its excellent anchorage. There is a negative tide tonight so we're not confident about the docks. However there are acres of water inside the breakwaters with depths around 10 feet at a zero tide. We set on the first try and are swinging on 8-to-1 scope because of the Gale forecast.

We'll write more soon.


10 thoughts on “South to California

  1. Holly and Denis says:

    Good on ya!! Looks like you'll be enjoying Crescent City for a while-it's even supposed to be blowy/windy/rainy here in SF! We picked up a group of about a dozen Townsends Warblers way out off the bight between Crescent City and Eureka. They were either very lost or very smart, as they rode with us all the way down to Pt Reyes. We even put water out for them, which they seemed to enjoy! Take care.

  2. dad ensslen says:

    beautiful stories
    some naval terms and concepts i don't understand yet
    why night time travel, esp now with no moonlight

    best wishes, bon voyage

  3. dad says:

    what kind of dolphins

    what kind of owl



    best wishes

  4. Darusha says:

    @ dad ensslen: We sail at night because the distances are too great to go it all within daylight. Who knows what kind of porpoises they were - we could only really make out their basic shape. As for the owl, I think it's a barn owl, but check out the recently added photo to decide for yourself.

  5. dad ensslen says:

    discovered your picture galery


    owl story and pics heartwarming



  6. dave says:

    glad to see your having a good time, keep the posts coming I'm enjoying them, and letting everyone here know how much fun you are having. Take care and be safe.

  7. dad ensslen says:

    how long can a gale last?



    definition of gale?

  8. dad ensslen says:

    young norther saw-whet owl?



  9. Kyra Crouzat says:

    Hey you guys... Thanks for making us dreamers dream! Crazy wind storm kept us up all night and we're digging holes in our cabin (just in time for rain!) We're fixing leaks and taking rotten wood out... not quite as exciting as having an owl hitchhiker and porpoises frolicking in your wake!
    Take care, Kyra (and Rick)

  10. dad ensslen says:

    wish you were here in kona with your boat

    some other year?



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