Cape Mendocino

We are now docked in the Noyo River near Fort Bragg. We rounded the notorious Cape Mendocino en route and it was an experience indeed.

The forecast was for 15-25 knots behind us, but at she Cape we got a gale with enormous seas. The Saye's Rig steered the big waves beautifully, as we sailed downwind at about 6-7 knots with only our Yankee up.

It was a long night though we always felt safe, even when waves broke over our cockpit roof, soaking the portside even through the canvas.

We sailed on past Shelter Cove, unsure of the holding and swells in the anchorage, ending up making an exciting bar crossing at the Noyo River. Once in the river, out of the wind and swell, we docked in the boat basin for a nap and drying out the boat.

We'll be here until the seas die down, then onward toward San Francisco.

7 thoughts on “Cape Mendocino

  1. Lynn and Debbie says:

    Hi Guys
    Glad you had such a nice smooth trip )HA HA)Debbie is glad she was not with you

    Lynn and Debbie

  2. Tony & Nancy says:

    Hello, Hope all is well with you, and the boat is o.k. Glad to hear the Sayes rig is working out. We sure are glad ours is. We are still in Monterey, and hope to leave on sunday. The weather has been really nice, in the sun dept. but not so good as far as wind and waves. Have you checked out the site it is very good and only costs $60 per year. Great for wind and waves and also graphs etc. When arriving in SF turn left to Sausalito yacht club to tie up to their mooring buoys for free. They also have showers and are very welcoming. Talk to you soon..............Tony & Nancy

  3. Kyra Crouzat says:

    Oooh, I saw Rick's eyes glitter with excitement at your adventures.... I am smiling and thinkin'.... not quite ready for that yet!! But practicing, practicing!!
    Glad all is well! San Fran should be a hoot! Hugs to you both,
    Kyra and Rick

  4. Sonya says:

    Hi Guys! Its so wonderful to read about and see the pictures of your adventures through this blog. I can't wait to show Conrad and Clara what their Uncle Funchik and Auntie Daru are up to! It looks so magical.

  5. dad ensslen says:

    god bless

    is the open ocean less trouble and less danger

    no rocks there

    very best wishes



  6. Keep up the posts. We are enjoying following your journey, after having found your podcasts on iTunes. We are about 4 years behind you on the same route South. 🙂


  7. dad says:

    18 starts 18 ironman finishes

    fab telescopes and skies

    wish you two and your boat were here

    next time!!



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