Puntarenas is a a long spit extending into the Golfo de Nicoya.  That means there's a beach on one side and an estuary on the other.  The beach is rather pretty - it's long and lots of Ticos come to enjoy the small surf and the big sun.  The estuary is a long working dock with fishboats and the assorted things that go along with that.

Puntarenas Beach

The town is a typical Central American small city, with its mercado, and close shops selling everything from fridges to pirated DVDs.  Puntarenas is trying to be a tourist town, so there are lots of kind of pricey restaurants and small hotels and cabinas.  It's not that charming, but it is a gateway to the nearby islands and the Nicoya Peninsula.

We enjoyed out time here, but that was mostly because we got a lot of work done and we knew that we couldn't do it anywhere else.  it's a good stop for boaters who need parts or work, but otherwise I'd stick to the islands.

3 thoughts on “Puntarenas

  1. dad says:


    how are your boat parts, spare parts, and necessary work?

    how are your solar panels standing up?

    best wishes!

  2. Nice to read your blog and we have picked up information that will be helpful for the next portion of our trip.
    We met you in La Paz at New Years. We are aboard the M/V Genesis and came down the coast last Aug., spent the yr. in Mexico and are ready to start heading south after Hurricane Season. We plan to be in Nicaragua for Christmas.
    Have enjoyed your blog. Happy Sailing
    Ken and Faye Husch
    R Genesis

  3. dad ensslen says:

    thanks for latest batch of quite interesting pictures: sprouting coconut, shore erosion, tilted up sedimentary rock, and you nice guys. Some darkish rainy season pictures.

    Nice tan Darusha! You Steven look like a runner, which is great, i thought all this sailing would make you look like a hulk with big arms and big chest fighting the winds and sails.

    very best wishes, bon voyage.

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