Punta Leona

Scream spent several lovely days in the bay at Punta Leona. Punta Leona extends about 1/4 mile north from the east side of the Gulf of Nicoya. The bay on its east side provides good if not perfect shelter from the swell. You can anchor in pretty much any depth as the sandy bottom gradually rises to a long beach. Tourists ply the beach and bay, while scarlet Macaws fly overhead. It is extremely pretty.

Punta Leona at Sunset

There is a reasonably sized if expensive grocery just inland of the beach.

There is also easy access to Playa Blanco on the other side of the point, where we enjoyed playing in the surf with our body board.

One thought on “Punta Leona

  1. dad ensslen says:

    wow, nice picture!

    expect to see the moon, venus, jupiter and canopus on one of your pics soon

    but another macaw will do, or another sprouting coconut, or some new surprise

    bon voyage


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