Punta de Mita

We stopped for two nights at Punta de Mita, the northern point of Banderas Bay.

The large anchorage is in the shallow bay south of the point. The bottom shallows gradually so you can pick your depth. We anchored in 6m. Even in calm winds, surfers ride the waves along the shores of the anchorage from sun rise to sun set. Again, even with our roll suppressor we rocked as the swell wraps around the point. This doesn't stop the anchorage from being popular; there were at least a dozen boats both nights.

There is a tourist town on shore. There is a block of palapa restaurants and surf rentals surrounded by condos. We found an excellent gourmet food store half a block up from shore, where we bought several items that we had been looking for since Christmas. We also received absolutely first-class service at El Dorado, where they not only turned on the TV for us but automatically picked the channel to match the jersey I was wearing and brought out our food promptly at half time.

The beach is not our favourite. The bottom alternates sand and rock and the depth varies randomly close to shore. This makes wading uncomfortable.

3 thoughts on “Punta de Mita

  1. dad ensslen says:



    palapa? restaurants

    read about the Australian who circumnavigated in an 11 ft 10 inch homebuilt 'yacht' in 1987, overall length some 13 + feet with rigging overhang I presume.

    bon voyage!

  2. dad ensslen says:

    your "roll suppressor"?


    best wishes

  3. Karen says:

    Switching to your game sounds pretty deluxe. Glad to hear that the travels are going well.
    Love you!

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