Oneroa Bay, Waiheke

Scream made three visits to Oneroa Bay, on Waiheke island near Auckland. Oneroa is a delightful anchorage with room for hundreds of boats to anchor in 10-20m sand bottom off a nice sand beach. Oneroa is well sheltered from west through south. Oneroa ought to be sheltered from the south east and east, but any easterly wind hits Oneroa from the north east, where the 20 mile fetch makes it rather uncomfortable.

Scream in perspective

There is a pleasant tourist trap town above the beach, with restaurants and a couple of groceries.

There is a ferry from Waiheke island to Auckland. It isn't cheap, but it is cheaper than a night on the docks in Auckland.

Beer Tasting

We bicycled to trip to Wild on Waiheke, where we tasted their beers. The trip was much more difficult than we expected so we took the bus back.

Washed Up On Waiheke

We also took in the Headlands sculpture exhibition.

3 thoughts on “Oneroa Bay, Waiheke

  1. dad ensslen says:

    delightful pictures

    bon voyage

    so nice to get steady updates

  2. gus says:

    It's all about the beer!

  3. dad ensslen says:

    any of your sailor friends saw the water eddy and shake and heave and kick closer to christchurch?

    bon voyage


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