No Socks in the Wash

We crossed the Tropic of Cancer on our last leg, and shortly after realizing that we were now officially in the tropics, we discovered that there was nary a single sock in the laundry. Coincidence? I think not.

We've been worried all along how we'll deal with the climate in the tropics, as neither of us loves the heat. So far it's actually been quite reasonable - highs in the high 20s, with reasonable humidity and cool nights. I'm hopeful that because we're on the slow route, we're acclimatizing better. It is actually been quite pleasant so far.

We're heading into the Sea of Cortez (Golfo de California, for those looking on maps) for the foreseeable future, which will take us north of the Tropics again. But our brief stay in the low latitudes has been good so far, and will hopefully continue in that vein. And anything that keeps the size of the laundry loads down is good with me!

3 thoughts on “No Socks in the Wash

  1. dad ensslen says:

    Good, relax, pick up more sailing experience, acclimatize to the altitudes, ha ha ha

    think about your next sailings into the gigantic not always so pacific.

    how is the sea of cortez, troubles in there or all quiet and perfect sailing and perfect harbours and no treacherous rocks and poisonous sea snakes and boat eating great white's and other monsters




    i guess as per usual, humans are the most dangerous

  2. SV Tula says:

    Hola Screamers,
    Captain Pedro is wishing you both a Merry Xmas and safe voyaging into 2009 wherever the good vessel Scream takes you. Have fun and keep up the posts, Catch a dorado for me,
    Captain Pedro and Michelle

  3. dad ensslen says:

    my Spanish is getting better, 'picked' up ultralingua spanish english app for i pod to keep track of you guys


    Merry Merry


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