Caleta Lobos

Scream spent Christmas at beautiful Caleta Lobos, twelve miles north of La Paz.

Caleta Lobos is the first really nice anchorage in Mexico and only the third of our trip. The other two are Neah Bay and Two Harbors on Catalina Island. We can see land in all directions, and for the most part it is less than 100m away. The hills surrounding the cove are desert with tall, multi-armed cactus like in the cartoons. There are Mangrove bushes and beaches right along the sea edge. The bottom is 20 feet in sand, but be very careful as the eastern third of the bay is less than 1 foot.

We rowed ashore and explored the Mangroves. We also went snorkeling along the edge of the shoal but gave up as we kept getting stung.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We came across some appropriate supplies in Cabo and Darusha was able to prepare most of the traditional Wehm family Christmas food. Darusha made red cabbage, stuffing, caesar salad, and even made rum ball ice cream. We also had cheese and chocolate covered cherries.

We'll be traveling to La Paz soon. I expect that we will stay there until New Years.

3 thoughts on “Caleta Lobos

  1. dad ensslen says:

    I hope you guys carry an Anakit or Anapen in your med supplies. stung by what? portuguese men of war? sea urchins? I hope not. remember there are quite some allergies both sides of your parents, Steven.

    thanks for the news, looking forward to the next one.

    miss you,

    love you,

    sounds as if you guys will keep motoring and sailing. how far up the golf of cortez? do you know? right to the colorado river, i think not.

  2. Brother bear says:

    Merry Christmoose!

    I miss the Wehm cabbage! And warmth...

    Happy sailings:)

  3. Kyra Crouzat says:

    Happy New Year you guys! Hope it's full of adventures (the good kind!)
    Enjoy the warmth and sunshine for us!
    Kyra and Rick

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