Nettle Island

Scream anchored one night in the cove on the South Side of Nettle Island(48°55'44"N, 125°15'08" W ) with the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve - Broken Group Unit warden float. We entered from Imperial Eagle Channel. Most of the rocks on the chart were either above the surface or deeper than 10 feet, so the entrance did not bother us. A careful review of the detailed chart is required before entering.

Scream at Nettle Island

The cove has a single dangerous rock on the west side, but otherwise has depths of 10 to 15 meters. The bottom is mud and we set anchor twice before it held. There is room for perhaps three boats to swing, but I suspect the cove would be uncomfortable with more than 1 boat.

In the channel the wind was 15 knots from the West, in the cove there was about 5 knots and the water was rippled.

The scenery was beautiful and the location tranquil. The Park's float was quiet and peaceful, and we hardly noticed it.