Effingham Bay

Scream anchored in Effingham bay (48°53'N, 125°19'W) for three nights on our trip to the broken group. Effingham bay is a square roughly 400 meters on a side. There is room for at least a dozen boats to swing at anchor. When we were there there were between three and five boats overnight with generous room.

View from Effingham Bay

Effingham bay is scenic,  delighfully well sheltered, and a welcome rest.

There are no structures on land, nor any docks. There are a couple of small beaches on Effingham Island where a dinghy can land. We used the beach at 48°52'26"N, 125°18'35"W to land our dinghy for a picnic.

Gone Fision on the beach

The conditions outside the bay while we anchored varied from 5 to 20 knots from the West and South West. In the bay the wind rarely gusted to 5 knots, and the water was almost always glassy still (Beauford zero). The bottom is mud and depths are between 15 and 20 meters throughout. We had no trouble setting the anchor, so we presume the holding is good, even though we had no opportunity to test it.