Clearing into Fiji

Scream arrived in Savusavu, Fiji on Saturday 28 May, 2011.

Savusavu twilight

We took a mooring from the Kopra Shed marina, who assisted us with clearing in.

We were boarded by officials from Health, Customs, and Biosecurity (which appears to be a buzzword for quarantine). They we're all friendly and courteous. Even with the weekend arrival the process was painless for us. They asked for our clearance from our last port, our passports, and the boat's registration papers.

There are limits on alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and currencies, but we were within our quotas and and paid no duty.

más de un barco

Our fees were much more than we had expected. Customs was only F$9 and biosecurity was F$54. Health, however, charged F$177. Added to this were overtime fees, for the weekend arrival, of F$75, F$6, and F$47 respectively. There is also a F$5 cruising permit which is required to visit any anchorage other than the port where we cleared in. Which brings the total to F$373, which is just over C$200 at the current exchange. Even without the overtime, these fees are more than the fees that we have paid in 10 of the 11 countries we have visited (Ecuador being the exception).   

3 thoughts on “Clearing into Fiji

  1. Dad says:

    80 years go it would all have been for free and the natives would have been dressed in more interesting fashion according to the book i have.

    And here i thought the ocean water was free to travel and park in.

    Bon voyage

  2. Dad says:

    Health inspection sounds like a money grab. Did you get xrays and lab tests included?

    Best wishes

  3. Karen Taylor says:


    Just read your shortstory "Chekhov’s Phaser" and loved it! I'm looking forward to reading more.

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