Bayswater Marina, Auckland

Auckland, the city of sails, has at least eight marinas. We've kept Scream at Bayswater for the last month. Bayswater has fantastic on shore facilities: a lounge with TV and computers, a BBQ, great showers, laundry, and washrooms. Their docks are good, but there is only a floating breakwater, which lets wake in, so it is intermittently rolly.  Bayswater is also less expensive than the other Auckland marinas (about NZ$29 per day for a 14m slip with liveaboard premium). You get 3 GB of wifi per month with your berth, and that is quite good.

Auckland Kite Flying

The downside is the remoteness of the site. Public transit to the city is by Ferry, which runs only rarely on the weekends. In the 40 nights we spent there we only once returned home after dark, so in that way it was more like living at anchor than we expected.

Central Auckland

3 thoughts on “Bayswater Marina, Auckland

  1. Joan Morrison says:

    Your location is noted and I will endeavour to make contact with you at the Marina in the near future. Welcome to Auckland.

  2. Joan Morrison says:

    Called at Bayswater Marina today only to find Scream had moved on. I have left my contact details at the Marina Office should you return. I am assume you are sailing further south. I will do my best to locate you before you depart from our shores. Arohanui, Joan Morrison.

  3. dad ensslen says:

    great to have you back on this and as always remarkable pictures.


    this means more to read up on for me to put it all in context.

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