Back in La Paz

After twelve days trying to get north, we're back in La Paz to re-provision. We know a number of other boats who are also failing to go north, including Kalagan and Warana from the 2008 BCA Island Fleet.

Darusha on the Beach in La Paz

Darusha on the Beach in La Paz

The winds and seas in the Sea of Cortez aren't anything like what we are accustomed to. The fetch is 600 miles, which is enough that the waves get tall and that they don't reflect local winds. But it isn't enough to smooth the waves into swell or give them a regular period. The result is steep seas with random periods, often with unreasonable wave heights like 2m in 10 knots of wind.

Steven and the Pigeon

Steven and the Pigeon

While I certainly haven't figured the local weather out, I have come up with the following theory that future Mexico travelers should consider: the souther sea of Cortez has a local SW wind called a Coromel that blows at night when the dominant northerly is weak. I have noticed that when the northerly wind is moderate (10-20 knots) there often seems to be no wind from a couple hours after sunset until a couple hours after dawn. I think that this is the 15 knot Coromel negating the 15 knot norther. In any case, I think that boats trying to go north during the winter should motor long overnight hops north and then take a leisurely return trip south. Baring a forecast of a favourable southerly wind we're going to try this plan and we'll let you know how it works.

3 thoughts on “Back in La Paz

  1. dad ensslen says:

    i would think that after 450 odd years someone would have stats on that

    glad you are well!

    Haken Mielche " Wollen mal Sehen ob die Erde Rund Ist". 1930's, 7 guys finally wrecked a big wooden sail boat in Santa Cruz Northeast of Australia and took a freighter home to Denmark.

    better luck

    'fetch' is not in ultralingua i pod app

  2. Steve & Darusha,

    Geat to see you are on your way! Sandra and I are in Gulfito, Costa Rica, leaving for Panama tomorrow. From there we plan to go through the canal, then north. We will end up in Eastern Canada or Europe at the end of the season, depending on all the varriables that make this lifestyle so exciting. Wishing you fari winds and calm seas. Barrie

  3. Jacquie and Chris says:

    Happy New Year you guys. hope you are having a good time. we have had a cold snowy winter, so escaped to Hawaii for a couple of weeks. The water was so warm compared to Cabo when we were there. How is it where you are? I guess it is winter. We are still debating whether to take Inceptus to Mexico or Hawaii. Will see how things go for you.

    Jacquie and Chris

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