La Paz

La Paz, Mexico, is a city of over 100,000 people. La Paz is on the eastern, sheltered side of the Baha peninsula. It is also nearby a large number of good anchorages. La Paz is the place for supplies and maintenance in the first good cruising region south of Puget Sound.

We wandered a good deal around La Paz and really like the city. It is unassuming and retains a small-town feel. La Paz has everything that you could want, but doesn't feel like a city. Remarkably we didn't run into any beggars or sleaze, possibly because there are very few tourists here.

We spent about a week in La Paz, at anchor. There are several marinas but transient space is in demand and there are waiting lists even to get a dock for a day. That having been said, rates are less than C$1/foot/day, which makes taking a dock here much more affordable than at Cabo San Lucas. The anchorage has good holding in 20 feet, sand. But there is a two knot current which mades a short tide rip out of moderate breezes. This makes dighy rides uncomfortable at times. We paid 15 pesos (about C$1.40) a day to use the dinghy dock at Marina de La Paz, which also let us properly dispose of our garbage/recycling/used motor oil and take on fresh water. However there is a fee to use the harbour, which is about C$1/day.

We'll be cruising locally for the next few weeks.

3 thoughts on “La Paz

  1. dad ensslen says:

    track scream put you in the middle of mountains again, but yes, better than nothing

    happy sailing

  2. dad says:

    you are well east of edmonton and closer to the middle of our time zone, you GPS navigators.

    bon voyage


  3. Hey, guys - Your video of the leaping rays is posted at this address:

    Sorry that it seems to be associated with my name as the person who posted it; hope the attribution corrects that.
    We had a spinaker run back to La Paz - very sweet!

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