Whangarei Town Basin

Scream spent another very pleasant month in the town basin marina in Whangarei. We were mostly waiting for mail: we received new bank cards, driver's licenses, and Darusha's NZ citizenship papers, amongst other things.

We really like Whangarei and the town basin marina. Whangarei has a lot of services to offer to boats. There are sail lofts, chandleries, yards, mechanics, welders, painters, and refrigeration guys. Notice the plurals; there is competition here, so prices are significantly lower than elsewhere in New Zealand.

We can't say enough good things about the Town Basin Marina either. The Town Basin itself is ridiculously secure from weather. There is never any wave and winds are much reduced. The Marina facilities are in great condition, and the people who run the marina are wonderful. The town basin marina is also among the least expensive places to keep a boat in Northern New Zealand, especially if you're willing to take a pile mooring rather than a dock. We've had Scream on the piles in Whangarei last year and we did them again this year. Being on a mooring is much more private and reassuring to us.

In Whangarei, we recommend Frings and the Judge for pub food, Amici for nicer dining, and Killer Prawn for special occasions. The Whangarei pool is across the street from the marina and is worth a visit. The walk alongside the Hatea river to AH Reed Park to see the giant Kauri trees is quite pleasant. There are two art galleries and a clock museum adjacent the marina office, all of which are interesting enough if not big attractions.

Whangarei is our home town in New Zealand. We miss it when we are away and we always look forward to our returns.

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  1. Dad ensslen says:

    delighted to hear such good tidings and that things are working out so nicely for you.


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