Giant tortoises on Isla San Cristóbal in the Galápagos.

5 thoughts on “Tortoises

  1. dad ensslen says:

    wonderful pictures and video.

    so happy for you guys.

    can you please confirm the time and frequency for the QSO tomorrow. Your handle again? 21m band USB, 11h00 MDT / 17h00 UTC, if possible. (My Ic 7000 seems to have a non functioning front end! I still have the ic 746pro). Will be at Ross / VE6PDQ tomorrow for this as the Ensslen antenna farm here not up yet.


  2. dad ensslen says:


    Galapagos for badly caged up tortoises. what is the story behind this?


  3. Sonya says:

    Steven and Darusha,
    Interesting video, but I have the same question as Dad - whats up with the tortoises in captivity in the galapagos?

  4. David and Cecilia says:

    Clicking our glass of Pussers in honor of your success at arriving. Very envious and
    watching and listening with much interest. As you walk in some very famous peoples footsteps it must bring them all rushing into your thoughts!! Superb!! Awesome.
    Dave and Cece Anchorage Alaska

  5. Darusha says:

    A lot of the tortoises were killed by mariners for food in the past, but even now many of the animals introduced to the islands eat them or destroy their eggs. Those caged tortoises are part of the breeding programs - they are all babies. There are many tortoise preserves, which are captive tortoises, but they release many to the wind also. It's kind of strange, but the tortoise population has increased a lot since the programs began. That's what the interpretive centres told us, anyway.

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