Some clips from our various surfing adventures in El Salvador.

6 thoughts on “Surfing

  1. Holly and Denis (Tango) says:

    We are thinking this video needs some Hawaii 5-0 music in the background!
    Looks like fun....

  2. Karen says:

    this is great! You guys are so cute! I can only hope to be as good as that little puppy!

  3. dad ensslen says:

    a delight to watch


    big lasting smiles

  4. katherine says:

    okay you guys were so good to keep trying! i did that for a while myself and i think I never got better-- cannot wait as you spend more time to see how good you guys are going to get-ps steven- wow you look buff when you were being pulled -- is that really my borhter!

  5. Sonya + Conrad says:

    Loved this video - looks like so much fun! Conrad thought these boats looked rather funny and wondered where the pirates are. Beware pirates can be fierce!

  6. Brother bear says:

    omg, too much fun!
    and I want that puppy!!!

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