Secret Cove

Secret Cove is a lovely spot on the Sunshine Coast. While it is picturesque and boasts many services, its main claim to fame for Scream's crew is its shelter.

We pulled into Secret Cove in a gale with gusts over 40 kts. As soon as we turned the corner into the cove, the wind meter read less than 2 kts. This was a welcome sight indeed.

We anchored in a small area near the entrance, and marveled at the relative calm in the cove. The next day we took Gone Fission for a tour, and stopped at the floating store at Secret Cove Marina.

The store is a BC Liquor outlet, and we picked up a few beer, as well as some light groceries. The store obviously has an interesting clientele, as we passed up a couple of nice organic cheeses, and did succumb to the lure of pickled garlic and mushrooms.

We stayed another night, and eventually found the pub by dropping the dinghy at the government dock and hiking up the hill to the Jolly Roger Inn. The publicans were friendly, the beer tasty and the pub food very nice indeed.

It was actually a little hard to leave this pleasant harbour the next day.



One thought on “Secret Cove

  1. Katherine says:

    So glad to hear you are doing well-- love the name of secret cove-- sounds awesome!!
    It's 33 degrees at 8:30 here in nyc-- was 38 and felt like 42 with humidity-which seems impossible to me. look forward to seeing steven and hopefully you all soon.

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