Puerto Marquez

Scream spent two nights and a day at beautiful Puerto Marquez, just outside of Acapulco. We have heard many stories about the anchorage at Acapulco: it is deep and crowded; the moorings are expensive and con-artists prey on visiting boats taking moorings; and that theft from unattended boats is common. I heard these rumours often enough that I am willing to repeat them, but I can't vouch for them.

So we stopped in nearby Puerto Marquez. The harbour at Puerto Marquez is over a kilometer wide and about 4nm east of Acapulco. We tucked into the northwest corner behind the hill. We anchored in about 10m about 100m from shore. I think the bottom is pebble. This was a wonderfully scenic spot. Evidentally many local boats agree as about a dozen boats anchored for the afternoon while their passengers swam, water skied, and seadooed.   

Concerned about timing the Tehauntepec and about the rumours of crime we did not leave the boat.

2 thoughts on “Puerto Marquez

  1. dad ensslen says:

    'timing the Tehauntepec' ?


    bon voyage!

  2. dad ensslen says:

    guatemala is next geographically, been puzzling your el salavado / san salvador next comment.

    bon voyage

    watched 'the perfect storm' once again last night, with big sound

    football/soccer is talking of video reviews of referees' decisions as in other sports, Chelsea was much peeved yesterday.

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