Port McNeill

Scream spent three days at the Port McNeill Boat Harbour waiting for the EURO 2008 Final. The boat harbour is nice and in the centre of town. Port McNeill a town, in contrast to several places Scream has been recently. Their grocery, chandlery and several other establishments lightened Scream's pockets as needed items were obtained in bulk. The staff at the boat harbour are top notch.

Scream also took the BC Ferry to Sointula from Port McNeill, which worked out okay. The ferry was good, but Sointula doesn't have much interest for tourists, in our humble opinion.

Scream is PROUD to announce that they wore the winning colours to the EURO final! (Interestingly, Spain is the only country for which Scream has two shirts. We don't even have two Canada shirts.)

Incidentally, huge respect for the town of Port McNeill being one of the few places to respect DNS and put the community controlled harbour under the community domain. (Portmcneill.ca/harbour rather than some portMcNeillHarbour.com garbage).

[This post enabled by generous quantities of beer!]