Scream visited the remains of Mamalilacula, an abandoned first nations village infamous as the site of the Christmas Potlach Raid.


There isn't much to see in Mamalilacula. The whole place is overgrown with wild roses and blackberry bushes. I strongly recommend visitors wear long sleeves and pants and gardening gloves to protect against the thorns. There was fresh bear sign everywhere, so study your bear country guide before you go. Oh, and there are lots of snakes.

We saw the ruins of perhaps six european-style buildings. There were a pair of meter thick beams 3 meters off of the ground on posts about 10 meters apart, which might have been part of a long house. The beach had lots of old dock posts and two sets of beams running out on posts as if they were for platforms well above the high tide line.

Totem Pole

We did see a single totem pole at the south end of the beach.