Port Angeles

I've been to Port Angeles a few times by car before, and I haven't thought much of it. The town itself is the centre for the Olympic Peninsula, but it really isn't that interesting.

However, for the boater, Port Angeles has a few things to recommend it:

  • You can clear US Customs here, and they are open until 9pm.
  • Moorage at the city docks is a flat $10 per night (no water / no power)
  • Moorage at the boat haven is $0.70/foot
  • There are chandleries, boat yards, etc.
  • There is good food. We recommend The Lyre's Club for dinner or Fishman's Wharf Cafe for breakfast. Be warned that their portions are large.
  • There is WiFi all over

We're anchored off the city dock waiting for parts. The depth here is about 5m at zero tide, less tight in to shore. The bottom is pebble, in which our Bruce anchor does not hold well.